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Families First Coronavirus Response Act3/16/2020
Workplace Transparency Act10/31/2019
Certain Independent Contractors and Volunteers Can Now Be Discussed In Closed Session8/27/2019
Illinois Municipalities Prohibited From Creating "Right-to-Work" Zones4/15/2019
Requirements Relaxed for Local Government Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying Services3/7/2019
The U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Public Sector Fair-Share Fees, Requiring Employees to Consent to the Collection of Union Dues6/28/2018
The Newspaper Notice Requirement Regarding a Prevailing Wage Determination May Not Be Required Now5/29/2018
Confidentiliaty of Library Records2/21/2018
Terminating an Employee for Failure to Return to Work at End of FMLA Leave May Violate ADA12/14/2017
Sexual Harassment11/29/2017
Employee Cleared By Doctor to Return to Work Improperly Terminated By City Without Further Proper Medical Evaluation Or Reliable Evidence of Inability to Perform Essential Functions of Job9/28/2017
Legal Alert - Steps to Consider to Limit Overtime Issues When Employees Can Work By Email, Laptop and Smartphone9/14/2017
Beware of Evergreen Clauses in Your Contracts4/20/2017
Injury From Fall Out of Chair at Work Not Within Scope of Employment - No Workers' Compensation Benefits Awarded3/9/2017
Legal Alert No Entitlement to Workers Compensation Benefits When Driving to Regular Workplace for Training2/27/2017
Use of Personal Electronic Devices May Create Public Records2/15/2017
General Public Recitation of Item to be Voted Upon at Public Meeting Deemed Sufficient2/13/2017
Court Finds Public Body Failed to Properly Advise Public of the Matter Being Considered Before Taking Final Action12/9/2016
Federal Judge Blocks Implementation of New FLSA Overtime Rules11/30/2016
New Leave Rights Granted for Employees Child Bereavement and Sick Leave9/15/2016
Illinois Enacts New Requirements for Expense Reimbursement of Local Government Employees and Officials8/4/2016
Legal Alert Overtime Eligibility Expanded7/20/2016
Legal Alert re OMA-Access to Verbatim Recordings and Minutes of Closed Mettings7/14/2016
PAC Reiterates That Public Officials’ Private Information Is Exempt from Disclosure3/17/2016
PAC Emphasizes Closed Session Limitations and Compliance10/1/2015
OMA Training For New Trustees and Designation of OMA and FOIA Officers5/14/2015
Prohibited and Permitted Bidding Conduct3/5/2015
General Assembly Overrides Governor's Veto And Passes FOIA Amendments12/12/2014
Attorney General Opinion Requiring Speakers to State Their Home Addresses Violates OMA9/25/2014
New Legislation Affecting All Libraries9/12/2014
The Library Records Confidentiality Act, The USA Patriot Act And Protecting Patron Privacy6/10/2014
New Legislation And Pending Bill Affecting Illinois Libraries3/3/2014
Viewing Child Pornography on Library Computers Part II1/13/2014
The Affordable Care Act's Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions: A Brief Overview11/8/2013
Public Employees Are Not Entitled to Prevailing Wages6/12/2013
Swearing In and Orientation of New Trustees4/23/2013
Protection of Library Property and Materials3/13/2013
Requirements for Hiring Architects Engineers and Land Surveyors1/30/2013
Elected Or Appointed Public Officials Do Not Have To Repeat OMA Training, Unless They Are Their Public Entity’s OMA Designee11/26/2012
The Prevailing Wage Act Requirements10/30/2012
Donations to Libraries Are Deductible Charitable Donations under the Internal Revenue Code9/25/2012
Ordinance Banning Sex Offenders From Library Held Unconstitutional9/6/2012
Records Created By Use of a Personal Electronic Device by a Member of the Public Body During a Meeting of the Public Body May Be Public Records Under FOIA6/26/2012
Library Trustees Serve Without Compensation6/7/2012
Use of Photographs and Video Recordings of Patrons5/3/2012
Sale of Used Library Materials Incurs Sales Tax Liability4/5/2012
Binding Public Access Counselor Opinion Clarifies When FOIA Requests May Be Personally Delivered3/8/2012
Amendment to Public Funds Statement Publication Act1/24/2012

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