Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins brings decades of experience navigating the real estate, land use and zoning needs of local governmental, corporate and individual clients throughout Illinois. Our deep experience in these practice areas include:

  • Acquisition and sale of property
  • Zoning
  • Economic development and redevelopment
  • Property tax issues
  • Annexation
  • Subdivision and growth
  • Construction law
  • Telecommunications
  • Environmental law
  • Eminent domain
  • Tax increment financing and other methods of financing municipal improvements
  • Solar energy and wind farms

Acquisition and Sale of Property

Our attorneys assist local government, corporate and individual clients in the purchase and sale of property on a regular basis. Transactions range from the purchase of small individual lots for use as pocket parks or expansion of existing public areas or buildings, to purchases and sales pursuant to redevelopment agreements for economic development purposes, to complex commercial transactions involving multiple tenants.


We provide zoning advice and guidance to local governmental clients, serve as counsel to numerous plan commissions and zoning boards of appeal for clients and regularly conduct training sessions for planning and zoning staff, commissions and boards. Drawing on our extensive experience in this area, we guide clients through innumerable controversial zoning matters and have assisted clients with rewrites of their zoning code and the development of land use practices and procedures. When the need arises, our team of litigators can successfully defend clients in zoning and other land use challenges.

Economic Development and Redevelopment

We regularly assist local government clients in economic development and redevelopment matters, including negotiation and drafting of redevelopment agreements, leasing and license agreements, purchase and sale of properties, review of development applications and the creation of unique solutions designed to facilitate the visions of our clients.

Property Tax Issues

Our attorneys are deeply experienced in the nuances of property tax law as applied to local governments and are in regular communication with our clients’ various county agencies regarding tax exemptions and other property tax issues related to publicly owned properties. We also regularly prosecute and defend tax objections on behalf of local government clients.

Annexation, Disconnection, Subdivision and Growth

We have counseled municipal and special district clients in all issues related to annexation, disconnection, subdivision and growth. Our experience includes:

  • Negotiation of annexations
  • Guidance through the annexation petition process
  • Forced annexations
  • Facilitation of disconnections
  • Development and rewriting of subdivision codes
  • Guidance through the subdivision process
  • Development of impact fee ordinances
  • Negotiation and drafting of boundary agreements

Construction Law

We have experience in public sector construction law and litigation throughout Illinois, including guiding client through the complex areas of:

  • Contract process
  • Bid and subcontract problems and issues
  • Acquisition and development
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Letters of credit
  • Surety bond
  • Leasing and lending
  • Foreclosures
  • Methods of financing public construction projects
  • General assistance in ensuring timely completion of projects within the agreed upon budget

While litigation is always a last resort, in situations that call for it our attorneys are fierce advocates for our clients in court.


We counsel clients on regulation of telecommunications installations, including cell tower leasing. We have assisted clients in the development of codes compliant with the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act and FCC Regulations as well as with the development of design and aesthetic guidelines relative to small cell deployment.

Environmental Law

We routinely assist with environmental compliance matters and offer guidance through the environmental remediation process and other issues.

Eminent Domain

While only used as a last resort, our attorneys have initiated and successfully litigated a number of eminent domain/condemnation cases on behalf of local governments.

Tax Increment Financing and Other Methods of Financing Municipal Improvements

We regularly assist local government clients in the development of tax increment financing (TIF) districts, special service areas, imposition of special assessments, the creation of business districts and other solutions designed to facilitate redevelopment and finance municipal improvements.

Wind Farms and Solar Energy

We advise local governments on the latest developments in the fast-developing field of wind farms and solar energy, including updates to zoning codes, negotiations with developers and guidance through the hearing and approval processes for these cutting-edge projects.