The legal team of Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins routinely advise candidates and public clients about the procedures and requirements of Illinois election law, for local governments and local government officials and candidates, including guidance and consultation on compliance with the Illinois Election Code and related statutory provisions.

Our attorneys regularly appear before electoral boards across the state as well as serve as court-appointed public members on electoral boards. We also provide legal counsel to our public sector clients when they are called upon to convene electoral board hearings or otherwise comply with their specific responsibilities for the implementation of election or campaign-related activities.

Local Public Referendum

We counsel our local government clients statewide on the necessary documents and procedures for the placement of referenda questions on the ballot, including:

  • Revenue initiatives
  • Advisory referenda
  • Initiatives related to changes in a form of government
  • Referenda to increase varying taxes, tax rates or authorize bonding authority

Achieving Electoral Success

We help public sector clients navigate the requirements of the election process, including the proper preparation and filing of nominating petitions and related documents as well as campaign finance reporting and recording requirements. We also regularly assist citizen groups with the preparation and filing of petitions seeking to place various public questions or initiatives on the ballot. Our election law attorneys counsel local governments and candidates on election matters directly affecting municipalities, schools, libraries and special districts across Illinois.