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Full Transportation Reimbursement Potentially Available for "Hybrid" Learning11/4/2020
New Requirements and Procedures for Investigating Reports of Sexual Harassment Under Title IX8/20/2020
IDPH Releases Updated FAQ for Schools8/13/2020
Emergency Rules Requiring Schools to Follow Face Coverings, Gathering Size Limits and Enforcement8/12/2020
Governor Pritzker Signed into Law HB 24557/7/2020
ISBE Issues Guidance for School Year 2020-20216/29/2020
OSEP Has Established a "Reference Library " for Remote, Virtual and Blended Learning Resources6/26/2020
Updated Special Education Guidance (Possibly) for Remote Learning Coming This Summer6/15/2020
Limited In Person Education, such as Summer School, Allowed under Phase 36/5/2020
ISBE Issues Guidance on Virtual Summer School5/21/2020
Illinois Supreme Court Finds Paid Sick Leave for Childbirth Must be Taken Immediately Following the Birth4/21/2020
Guidance on Remote Learning Days and the School Year3/31/2020
Executive Order 2020-15 Suspends Additional Provisions of the School Code and Initiates Start of Remote Learning Days3/30/2020
Updated Guidance from Illinois State Board of Education on School Closures3/27/2020
Guidance on School Calendars3/26/2020
ISBE Issued Notice of Emergency Rules for Non-Public Special Education Program Funding3/26/2020
Shelter in Place Notices for Schools3/20/2020
ISBE Guidance on Special Education Services3/19/2020
Joint Statement re School Closures3/17/2020
Families First Coronavirus Response Act3/16/2020
U.S Department of Education Issues Guidance on Special Education Service Obligations During School Closures3/13/2020
Workplace Transparency Act10/31/2019
Teachers Granted Right to Appeal an "Unsatisfactory" Performance Evaluation Rating10/28/2019
Single Occupancy Restrooms Must Be Labeled As Gender-Neutral in Public Facilities10/14/2019
Effective August 26, 2019, the School Safety Drill Act Was Amended to Require All School Districts to Implement a Threat Assessment Procedure That Must Create a Mandated Threat Assessment Team10/7/2019
Knee Injury Suffered at Work While Rising From Kneeling Position Not Covered By Workers' Compensation10/4/2019
New Parent Notice Requirements Prior to Police or Security Personnel Detaining and Questioning Students at School10/1/2019
Certain Independent Contractors and Volunteers Can Now Be Discussed In Closed Session8/27/2019
Limits on "Censoring" Access to Twitter or Social Media Platforms Used For Public Business7/24/2019
Illinois Municipalities Prohibited From Creating "Right-to-Work" Zones4/15/2019
Requirements Relaxed for Local Government Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying Services3/7/2019
School Code Amended To Limit Punishments For Truancy, Expand Valid Cause For Absence and Prohibit Denial of Enrollment Based on Academic Failure11/8/2018
New In-Service Training Requirements for Students Showing Signs of Mental Illness and Suicidal Behavior10/30/2018
New Severance Pay and Agreement Requirements9/13/2018
Disciplinary Records Over (4) Years Old Not Subject to Release Under FOIA9/11/2018
Police Officer Employed as SRO Not Eligible for Benefits as a "Law Enforcement Officer" Under Public Employee Disability Act or Public Safety Employee Benefits Act9/5/2018
Illinois Law Amended to Provide Up To Eight Counseling Sessions (up to 90 minutes per session) Now Authorized Without Parental Consent9/5/2018
The U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Public Sector Fair-Share Fees, Requiring Employees to Consent to the Collection of Union Dues6/28/2018
The Accelerated Placement Act Requires Illinois Public School Districts to Adopt and Implement Policies That Allows for Accelerated Placement of Students6/12/2018
The Newspaper Notice Requirement Regarding a Prevailing Wage Determination May Not Be Required Now5/29/2018
AG Finds Budget on TIF Project Provided to City By Private Developer Must Be Released Under FOIA4/10/2018
Pac Rules That Complete Letter Of Resignation Submitted By Village Official Must Be Disclosed3/26/2018
Walking the Line on Student Walk-Outs3/7/2018
Failure to Repair Sidewalk After Notice of Defect Does Not Necessarily Make Public Body Responsible for Resulting Injury12/19/2017
Terminating an Employee for Failure to Return to Work at End of FMLA Leave May Violate ADA12/12/2017
Bullying Prevention Notification Efforts Must Be Ongoing12/7/2017
Sexual Harassment11/21/2017
Evidence-Based School Funding is Here10/20/2017
Timeline for Responding to Student Record Requests Shortened from 15 School Days to 10 Business Days10/18/2017
Employee Cleared By Doctor to Return to Work Improperly Terminated By City Without Further Proper Medical Evaluation Or Reliable Evidence of Inability to Perform Essential Functions of Job9/14/2017
Steps to Consider to Limit Overtime Issues When Employees Can Work By Email, Laptop and Smartphone8/30/2017
AG Clarifies Basis for Closed Session for Probable or Imminent Litigation8/16/2017
School Board Has Right to Reduce Education Support Personnel From Full-Time to Part-Time6/6/2017
Court Finds Education Foundation of the College of DuPage Subject to FOIA5/18/2017
PAC Advises Certain Meeting Rules Limiting Public Comment Are Impermissible5/16/2017
Federal Court of Appeals Upholds Student-Led Prayer at School Board Meetings4/21/2017
Without Knowledge of Risk of Serious Harm, Failure to Provide Protective Eyewear While Playing Floor Hockey in Gym Class is Not Willful and Wanton Conduct.4/5/2017
No Change for Illinois Schools Based on Supreme Court Clarification of FAPE Standard3/31/2017
School Districts Can Make Certain “Robocalls” To Parents Without Prior Express Consent3/24/2017
Injury From Fall Out of Chair at Work Not “Within Scope of Employment”; No Workers’ Compensation Benefits Awarded3/2/2017
No Entitlement to Workers’ Compensation Benefits When Driving to Regular Workplace for Mandatory Training2/24/2017
Administration of Breathalyzer Tests to Group of Students at School Dance Found Lawful2/23/2017
Use of Personal Electronic Devices May Create Public Records2/15/2017
Public Body Not Entitled to Absolute Immunity From Liability for Injury Suffered by Cyclist on Area Bike Path2/10/2017
School District Not Liable for Alleged Injuries Due to Bullying When Making Discretionary Decisions; Bullying Policy and Handbook Not a “Contract” With Students or Parents2/7/2017
General Public Recitation of Item to be Voted Upon at Public Meeting Deemed Sufficient2/2/2017
School Liability for Student Death for Failure to Follow Policy and Procedure1/27/2017
Court Finds Public Body Failed to Properly Advise Public of the Matter Being Considered Before Taking Final Action12/9/2016
Federal Judge Blocks Implementation of New FLSA Overtime Rules11/30/2016
New Asthma Plan, Emergency Response and Training Requirements11/17/2016
Regional Superintendent of Schools Authorized to Review Residency Hearing Decisions10/7/2016
New Leave Rights Granted for Employees Child Bereavement and Sick Leave9/15/2016
Illinois Enacts New Requirements for Expense Reimbursement of Local Government Employees and Officials8/4/2016
Legal Alert Overtime Eligibility Expanded7/20/2016
Legal Alert re OMA-Access to Verbatim Recordings and Minutes of Closed Meetings7/14/2016
Current Federal Guidance Issued on Transgender Students5/19/2016
4th Circuit Court of Appeals Weighs in on Issue of Restroom Access for Transgender Students4/22/2016
Student Discipline Upheld in Wake of Threatening Internet Posting11/13/2015
“Ann Marie’s Law” Establishes New Policy Requirements Regarding Suicide Awareness and Prevention11/5/2015
New IDOL Regulations Regarding the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act.11/5/2015
Amendment to Illinois School Code Limits Petitions for School District Detachment and Annexation10/19/2015
Youth Sports Safety Act (Public Act 99-245)10/15/2015
Assessing the Current Property Tax Freeze Legislation9/29/2015
Public Access Counselor Opinion 15-003:A Reminder to Schools/Municipalities that Closed Meeting Discussions Need to be Limited to the Narrow Topic of Exemption4/23/2015
Staffing Decisions2/4/2015
Bullying Policy Amendments Due1/28/2015
General Assembly Overrides Governor's Veto And Passes FOIA Amendments12/12/2014
Illinois Attorney General Seeks Prompt Supreme Court Review of Circuit Court Ruling That New Pension Law Violates The Illinois Constitution12/9/2014
Local Zoning Regulations Apply to School Construction12/5/2014
New Concussion Online Training for High School Coaches and Students10/3/2014
Dyslexia Defined; State Reading Advisory Group Created10/3/2014
ISAT Replaced As Assessment Tool9/12/2014
Local Governments Must Allow Public Communication with Public Officials on Their Website8/21/2014
“Undesignated” Epi-Pens Can Now Be Administered By Any Trained School Personnel8/4/2014
New Guidance Issued on Responsibilities of Schools to Address Forms of Sex Discrimination7/3/2014
Attorney General Madigan Opines that School Districts are Subject to Local Zoning Ordinances4/17/2014
U S Department of Justice Issues Guidance on School Disciplinary Practices3/17/2014
Department of Justice and Education Issues Guidance on Discrimination in Student Zero Tolerance Discipline Policies and Practices1/22/2014

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