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Construction Law
Construction Law

Chicago Lawyers Advocate for Resolution of Construction Delays

Attorneys competent in construction law handle delay and breach of construction contract issues

Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd. is experienced with getting construction projects back on track when timely completion is threatened. Owners, contractors, architects and manufacturers all share responsibility for the timely and safe completion of projects. When a delay occurs, the effect on the city or educational institution intending to use the construction is substantial. Taxes, costs and fines accumulate, and the inability to use the facility when planned causes a disruption of service to the community. We help you keep your projects on track so the city or educational facility doesn’t suffer.

Managing complaints

Complaints about construction come from a variety of sources and have wide-ranging effects:

  • Municipalities and educational institutions. Delay in final completion of a building intended for municipality or educational use creates chaos and impedes effective city management planning and educational facility scheduling. Without completed construction, the city or school lacks a central operating location. The cost of inefficient operation is passed on to taxpayers and the community as a whole ultimately absorbs the expense.
  • Environmental concerns. When defective products are used in building, irreparable harm to the environment can result. The decision to “go green” helps combat these harms, but the risk remains. This risk is especially great when the contractors are aware of the potential harmful product in use. Our job is to identify when subpar materials are used, to evaluate their effect on the environment and to advocate for use of environmentally friendly products.

Our attorneys review contracts, specifications, the competitive bidding process and a host of other construction law topics. We have the ingenuity to identify which topics are ripe for advocacy and put our experience to work for our clients. We seek to resolve issues of delay in construction and ensure that the bidding process rules are followed so the end result is one that is on time, safe and built to code.

Contact us for help with construction site delays or related problems

The attorneys at the law offices of Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd. are competent in identifying the effects that construction project delays have on a city, environment or school. We represent the city or other administrative body to ensure the project you request is the project you get. Contact us for an appointment prior to breaking ground, so you can be confident the project will flow smoothly from start to finish. We can be reached at 312.984.6400 or 708.349.1506 or through our website.

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