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Scott E. Nemanich

Scott E. Nemanich


Scott E. Nemanich has a diverse legal practice with significant experience in the areas of school law, government relations, real estate and taxation, as well as corporate transactional matters. Much of Mr. Nemanich’s work involves representing school districts. He is recognized by school districts around the country for his vast experience in Section 8002 funding for federally impacted school districts. Mr. Nemanich also handles various labor and personnel matters, including unfair labor practices, grievances, and collective bargaining. He has negotiated contracts with the Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers, Fireman & Oilers Union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and Service Employees International Union. Mr. Nemanich is a registered lobbyist, representing clientele before both the state legislature and the U.S. Congress. He represents homeowners associations, handles matters involving tax rate objections and real estate taxation (an area in which he is a recognized expert), and also counsels individual clients in estate planning matters. In addition, Mr. Nemanich represents business clients in corporate matters, such as the sale and purchase of various businesses. He has also represented a telecommunications company in negotiations with foreign nations, including Belarus, Dijibouti and Tonga. Finally, Mr. Nemanich has also served as a negotiator at both the state and federal levels, and throughout his career he has been known for his ability to break through bureaucratic log jams on behalf of both public and private clientele. 

Mr. Nemanich a former chief prosecutor for the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office, he once headed the juvenile division and later the civil division of that office. As chief of the juvenile division, Mr. Nemanich handled more cases than any juvenile prosecutor before or since. In addition, an independent study commissioned by the City of Joliet found that juvenile recidivism decreased during the time that he served in that capacity. As chief of the civil division, Mr. Nemanich was the first to successfully prosecute an individual under the drug paraphernalia law of the State of Illinois and was the first to successfully defend a county’s denial of a landfill expansion. 


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