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Non-Home Rule PSEBA Procedure Means No Declaratory Judgment PSEBA Cases1/11/2018
Failure to Repair Sidewalk After Notice of Defect Does Not Necessarily Make Public Body Responsible for Resulting Injury12/19/2017
Terminating an Employee for Failure to Return to Work at End of FMLA Leave May Violate ADA12/12/2017
New Illinois Trust Act Prohibits Detaining or Arresting Persons Solely Due to Immigration or Citizenship Status11/27/2017
Sexual Harassment11/21/2017
New State Law Requires Drug/Alcohol Testing After Shootings Involving Police Officers10/9/2017
Employee Cleared By Doctor to Return to Work Improperly Terminated By City Without Further Proper Medical Evaluation Or Reliable Evidence of Inability to Perform Essential Functions of Job9/14/2017
Steps to Consider to Limit Overtime Issues When Employees Can Work By Email, Laptop and Smartphone8/30/2017
AG Clarifies Basis for Closed Session for Probable or Imminent Litigation8/16/2017
Firefighter’s Heart Attack While Shoveling Snow At Fire Station Not Compensable Injury5/19/2017
PAC Advises Certain Meeting Rules Limiting Public Comment Are Impermissible5/16/2017
Federal Court of Appeals Upholds Student-Led Prayer at School Board Meetings4/21/2017
Injury From Fall Out of Chair at Work Not “Within Scope of Employment”; No Workers’ Compensation Benefits Awarded3/2/2017
No Entitlement to Workers’ Compensation Benefits When Driving to Regular Workplace for Mandatory Training2/24/2017
Use of Personal Electronic Devices May Create Public Records2/15/2017
Public Body Not Entitled to Absolute Immunity From Liability for Injury Suffered by Cyclist on Area Bike Path2/10/2017
General Public Recitation of Item to be Voted Upon at Public Meeting Deemed Sufficient2/9/2017
Municipalities May Deviate From Their Local Zoning Procedures At Times1/24/2017

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