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Drone Regulation Now Exclusive Power of The State of Illinois10/9/2018
New FCC Small Cell Ruling and Order10/4/2018
New Severance Pay and Agreement Requirements9/13/2018
Disciplinary Records Over (4) Years Old Not Subject to Release Under FOIA9/11/2018
Police Officer Employed as SRO Not Eligible for Benefits as a "Law Enforcement Officer" Under Public Employee Disability Act or Public Safety Employee Benefits Act9/5/2018
State Liquor Control Act8/8/2018
Law Amended to Encourage Medical Professionals to Prescribe EpiPen Devices for Use by Police8/2/2018
The U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Public Sector Fair-Share Fees, Requiring Employees to Consent to the Collection of Union Dues6/28/2018
The Newspaper Notice Requirement Regarding a Prevailing Wage Determination May Not Be Required Now5/29/2018
The Need to Act Fast for Temporary Relief from the New Chloride Water Quality Standards5/16/2018
Public Act 100-0585 – The Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act4/18/2018
AG Finds Budget on TIF Project Provided to City By Private Developer Must Be Released Under FOIA4/10/2018
Fair Housing Act & ADA May Require "Reasonable Accommodation" Under Zoning Code To Allow Disabled Adults To Reside In Residential Neighborhood4/9/2018
Pac Rules That Complete Letter Of Resignation Submitted By Village Official Must Be Disclosed3/26/2018
Municipal Authority to Investigate and Remediate Abandoned and Unsafe Property1/26/2018
Big Changes To Small Cell Antenna Installations May Be Coming1/23/2018
Non-Home Rule PSEBA Procedure Means No Declaratory Judgment PSEBA Cases1/11/2018
Failure to Repair Sidewalk After Notice of Defect Does Not Necessarily Make Public Body Responsible for Resulting Injury12/19/2017
Terminating an Employee for Failure to Return to Work at End of FMLA Leave May Violate ADA12/12/2017
New Illinois Trust Act Prohibits Detaining or Arresting Persons Solely Due to Immigration or Citizenship Status11/27/2017
Sexual Harassment11/21/2017

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