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Property Tax Litigation
Property Tax Litigation

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Because they are evenly distributed and offer a consistent year-by-year revenue stream, property taxes are the preferred taxing method for many taxing authorities and the largest single public revenue source in Illinois. Property taxes are also fairly easy to collect, making such a method even more attractive. Generally speaking, property tax litigation can arise either at the assessment phase or the collection phase.

The experienced attorneys at Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd. offer professional litigation services at any point in the process. Our lawyers work to prevent problems before they start by drafting carefully crafted rules and procedures. If litigation does arise, we provide cost-effective defense solutions.

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State law and specifically Chapter 35 of the Property Tax Code, controls most aspects of municipal law as it pertains to property tax litigation. As for the assessment, Article 9 Section 4 allows the taxing authority to create a practical uniformity as opposed to a mathematical uniformity. In other words, you have some flexibility in being able to assess high-value properties at a higher rate. For example, Cook County is the only county in Illinois that uses a property classification system to assist in the assessment process such that vacant land is taxed at a different rate from commercial property, and so on.

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The Central Appraisal District surveys all property within its jurisdiction and sets property values consistent with established procedures. Dissatisfied property owners may appeal decisions to the Board of Review, and then either to the Property Tax Appeal Board and Administrative Review Board or to the circuit court and appellate court. Most commonly, challenges are based on uneven assessment when the property’s assessment is not in line with similar properties in similar neighborhoods.

Unpaid property taxes create a lien on the property. There are several ways that a taxing authority may choose to execute its lien:

  • Tax lien certificate. The county essentially sells the lien to a private investor who then has the right to collect on the lien.
  • Foreclosure sale. Following some due process requirements, the sheriff sells the property at a foreclosure auction and pays the taxes out of the sales price.

We can help you with either of these situations.

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At Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd., our attorneys have represented governments since the 1930s in a variety of forums. We understand your needs, and we know the best way to help you find answers to your problems. Contact Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd. at 312.984.6400 or online to schedule your confidential consultation at either our downtown or suburban office.


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