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Zoning & Development
Zoning & Development

Assisting with Zoning and Real Estate Development Matters in Chicago and the Surrounding Areas

Experienced lawyers help municipalities address zoning codes

Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd.’s experienced attorneys assist municipalities with zoning codes. It is critical to retain a seasoned law firm when dealing with land use and planning issues to maintain the return on investment of a municipality’s budget. We counsel our clients regarding the issues pertaining to finance and economic development.

Issues arising from defining zoning districts

Although a standard zoning ordinance consists of a text and a map, complex issues related to zoning often arise. Our firm assists with all zoning and real estate development matters. On the zoning map, the various use districts are delineated, usually in three general categories: residential, commercial and industrial. The division of the land area under the jurisdiction of the local government in accordance with some type of comprehensive plan is the essence of zoning. The text of an ordinance is divided into these parts:

  • Zoning district standards
  • Provisions for change
  • Nonconformities
  • Definitions

The most critical components of a zoning ordinance are the zoning map and the applicable zoning district regulations. Typically, a zoning ordinance text incorporates a map of the municipality showing the boundaries of the various districts. We are intimately familiar with Illinois zoning ordinances and regulations.

In Chicago, zoning district regulations are often found at the beginning of the text of a zoning ordinance. Recurrently, our attorneys serve as counsel to the zoning boards of our municipal clients and provide counsel in many land use legal matters, including:

  • Annexation
  • Real estate development
  • Construction
  • Zoning
  • Subdivision
  • General municipal growth
  • Infrastructure installation and maintenance

Because it is critical to complete development projects in a manner that maintains a municipality or school district’s return on investment and complies with municipal law, our experienced law firm ensures adherence to budgetary constraints.

Consult with an accomplished municipal law attorney in Illinois

The attorneys at Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins, Ltd. assist clients with zoning and development issues. Consult with an experienced law firm in downtown Chicago at 312.984.6400 or in Orland Park at 708.349.1506 or online to schedule an initial consultation.


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